Judy Wade
Houston, Texas
November 15, 2014

I have known Patricia Turner all my life.  She has always been passionate about art.  She is a very unique and talented artist.  I am fortunate to own two of Patricia’s original paintings.  The first, “Eve-Upsetting the Apple Cart”, graces the foyer in my home.  It is a remarkable and moving example of her impressionistic influences.  It is illuminated with variable indirect lighting and never fails to draw attention from visitors to my home.   I am proud to display this lovely work of art. The second, I have named, “Red Cloud Revisited”.  It celebrates the majesty and mystery of a brooding Native American chieftain.  It overlooks my desk in my home office.

Don and Chelsea Hooton

Colleyville, TX

​Here's a picture of Caviar Dreams in her new home.  We are in Love!  Thank you so much.



Jill Warren
barre3 Georgetown DC

I want you to know that I think of you every time I look at the charcoal of my father that you surprised me with at Christmas time, and I talk about you often telling whoever will listen that you made me the most beautiful, thoughtful gift that I have ever received. I hope that the time I brought you over to “approve” of my Maxine Price painting inspired you to mama jama size killer abstracts! I remember that your wheels started turning when you saw her piece. My Patricia Turner charcoal is hanging proudly in my living room in DC, and I would love to have a big abstract. Do you have pictures you could send me? My DC house is very, very small, but we have a big farm house in Missouri, and I bet I could find a perfect place for one there, if it won’t work here.

Amadea Bailey
International Painter/Artist Coach and Mentor
Los Angeles CA

As an artist coach and mentor I have had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented and courageous women. Having a career as an artist is NOT for everyone. It requires an insane amount of perseverance, passion, and focus. It requires that one has a commitment that is fierce and unwavering. There is only a tiny percentage of the artist population who are able to live full time from their art.
A few months ago I had the great good fortune to work with a wonderful artist named Patricia Turner who is based in Texas. She found me on-line and signed up for a 90 day coaching package. I wanted to share with you her own words about what she was able to achieve during this THREE month time period. I am so proud of her!!!

One evening I googled “abstract artist demos” and “A Day in the Life of Amadea Bailey” popped up. I was totally awestruck and envious. I thought, here’s a woman who’s leading the life I’ve always wanted; she’s artistically free and emotionally courageous and even willing to share what she’s learned with the rest of us.  After years of painting it safe, I had put down my paint brushes and was literally trying my “hands” at abstraction and expressionism. The results were thrilling and I knew I loved it. I had also been asking the Universe for a mentor…how much more perfect could the timing be? So, I emailed Amadea and we talked about my goals and aspirations and agreed to work together for 90 days.  At the beginning of our working relationship, Amadea asked me “what specifically do you want from me as your life coach? I answered: “I need confidence in my artistic judgment and a strategic plan to get me to another level with my artwork. I want to work on the “unworthy” aspect of my childhood training and to own, trust and love the art that I create.”  Amadea not only helped me create a strategic plan, she empowered me to commit to that plan and then meticulously guided me as I accomplished each step. 
In that 90-day period, I:

  • completed 14 paintings (that I love and am extremely proud to offer for sale),
  • compiled a professional portfolio, 

  • produced and launched a beautiful website, and

  • obtained gallery representation. I am now represented by 570 Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.

From week to week, I prepared for our conference call by compiling a long list of questions, concerns or ideas that she never failed to answer or explore further; and, she held nothing back! She was always forthcoming and honest with her comments and/or critiques. 
I am profoundly proud of the results of our collaboration; my decision to work with and investment in Amadea as a “life and art” coach has timely changed my life like no other. I will always be glad I was searching YouTube late that evening. The Universe was listening. Thank you Amadea, I look forward to our continued friendship and success!
Patricia Turner
Georgetown, Texas

If YOU or someone you know is ready to kick-start their own art career with the help of a professional artist who has over 35 years of experience as a painter and has maintained a thriving art career, then PLEASE message me and lets set up a FREE discovery session to see if my program is a fit for YOU!!!!  

Kathy and David Matthew
Rio Verde, AZ

Your beautiful painting, Invader, arrived yesterday and it is even more stunning than we remembered! It goes beautifully in our space and we are thrilled to have it!I will put a check in the mail today for the shipping costs.  We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. 

Judi Bork
Austin, Texas
December 8, 2014

Patricia and I met in 1991 while we were both singing in the choir at Riverbend Church.  She was on staff and totally loved her environment, the people she worked with, the space for spiritual work, and the creativity that she was able to contribute supporting the music program, special events, and print art.  I always knew she had a special talent and her energy for her work and the special touches she was always adding to her new first home were an inspiration.  In 1996 my work took me to California where 2 years later I delivered my beautiful son.  Patricia came to visit Jerod and I when he was only a few weeks old and with total conviction saw in him a ‘wise man’s soul’……something that Patricia and I have pondered many times over the years.  After Jerod and I moved back to Austin a few months later, I asked Patricia if she would sketch a portrait of Jerod - and oh my!  From a photo at about a year old showing him in full play, Patricia totally captured the specialness and personality in Jerod.  After all these years it still hangs in my hallway!  Shortly after, I gave Patricia a photo of my dear niece and nephew.  She created another black/white sketch of them looking through a toy store window.  A most enchanting piece, and a very special gift I loved being able to give my sister.   Patricia continued on her journey of artistic self-reflection and ferociously studied to satisfy her thirst for continued creativity.  She has always been fearless in her work in trying new mediums and always draws from her daily quest for spiritual strength.  Over the years, Patricia’s contemplative walk continues to inspire those around her.  She searches for meaning for her work and relies on what God breathes in her to be expressed in her art. 

Rebecca Campbell Roeder
​San Diego, CA

I absolutely love "Charlotte"!  The painting is even more beautiful then I imagined!

Turner Studio


Margaret Kinderman
Legal Administrative Assistant, Cox Castle & Nicholson,

Los Angeles, CA
June 13, 2015

A month ago I posted my "first" piece of Turner art - I'm proud to say I'm now an owner of two pieces of her art - the original one has now been moved and my new one proudly hanging over my bed - I am quite honored to have two of her master works of art and look forward to adding more to my collection!
Thank you Patricia.